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Get to know some of the most popular styles of carpet in our San Antonio, TX showroom.

4 Basic Carpet Styles

When you choose your next carpet, there's more to consider than just color. Different carpet styles offer a variety of looks and feels. Learn more about the most popular carpet styles you'll find at O'Krent Floors in San Antonio, TX.

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Textured Carpet

Textured carpet is best suited to areas of the home or office that tend to experience mid to high foot traffic.

Frieze (Twist) Carpet

A frieze carpet features cut pile made with a high pile between 1/2 to 3/4-inch in length. These yarns have a high twist level for a uniquely kinky, curly look and feel. This creates an informal look that may not be suitable for office or formal use.

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carpet | O'Krent Floors

Designer Pattern

Tufted with an uncut, high-and-low loop, pattern carpet often includes a distinctive pattern of cut loops. These can be geometric shapes, dots, lines, or a variety of other abstractions.

Looped / Berber Carpet

Known for its thick, heavy yarn and tufts of alternating size, Berber carpet is often associated with uncut loop pile. This contrasts most residential carpets, which tend to feature cut strands. A defining feature of Berber is its often light or natural coloration with darker flecks of color throughout. This combination is perfect for more casual spaces in your home.

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